Courses Currently Teaching

Translating Evidence into Policy @ Brown University (MPA2605 / ECON1487)
The objective of this course is to offer deep insights to students interested in a career in policymaking by providing case studies of the most important and challenging policy questions of our lifetimes. By the end of the course, students will have deepened their understanding of the most important policy challenges from an array of different policy questions and studying the evidence around them, with a special focus on quantitative methods useful to analyze those questions.

Policy In Action @ Brown University (MPA2800)
The Policy in Action experience is designed to provide a rigorous and practical immersion in dealing with a real policy issue in a domestic or global community-based or institutional setting. The course focuses on experiential learning and creative problem-solving. Teams of students address real-world, complex, contemporary problems, explore policy and practice-based solutions, identify strategies for addressing feasibility concerns, and recommend future approaches to external partner organizations. Students conduct research to understand contemporary problems and issues and develop policy and practice-related solutions to address these issues and/or enhance an organization’s capacity.

Courses Taught in Past

Economic Development: Evidence and Policy Implications @ Reichman University, Israel
Spring 2019, Fall 2020, Spring 2022, Spring 2023

Economic Development and Productivity @ Paris School of Economics
Fall 2015, Spring 2017