Working papers

Bahar, D., AM Ibañez and S Rozo. "Give me Your Tired and Your Poor: Impact of a Large-Scale Amnesty to Undocumented Refugees". Revision requested by the Jorunal of Development Economics.

[Draft available upon request]Elevator pitch: We study effects on labor markets of a massive migratory amnesty process that provided temporary protected status to nearly 500,000 undocumented Venezuelans in Colombia in 2018.

Bahar, D., A Hauptman, C Ozguzel and H Rapoport. "Migration and post-conflict reconstruction: The effect of returning refugees on export performance in the former Yugoslavia"

Elevator pitch: During the early 1990s over 500 thousand refugees from Yugoslavia settled in Germany. A few years later, after the 1995 peace treaties were signed, most of them were repatriated back. We find that the industries that perform best in the Yugoslavian countries post-1995 were the ones for which returning refugees worked in while in Germany. The effect is driven by refugees in occupations with managerial characteristics.Latest online version: IZA Media and commentary: VoxDev, VoxEU

Kim, DY, D Bahar, and R Choudhury. "Innovation on Wings: Flight connectedness and the diffusion of knowledge"

Elevator pitch: Using a regression discontinuity, we study how the existence of non-stop flights between inventors affects the likelihood of global collaborations in patenting.

Bahar, D., R Choudhury, J Sappenfield and S Signorelli. "Migration Policy Reform and Global Collaborative Patenting within Multinational Firms: Causal Multi-country Evidence"

[Draft coming soon]Elevator pitch: We study changes in patterns of global innovation following hundreds of migration reforms across 15 countries. We find that reforms that ease the inflow of foreigners or of returning citizens results in higher cross-border patenting activity for multinational corporations.

Bahar, D., R Choudhury and E Miguelez. "Global Migrant Inventors"

[Draft coming soon]


Bahar, D. 2009. "Aid and Fertility." Harvard CID Working Papers Series, no. 38.

Elevator pitch: I find that foreign aid increases fertility rates among countries, using as an instrumental variable natural disasters occuring in neighboring countries.[HKS working paper]