Working papers

Bahar, D., N Carlson, N and E Hernandez. "Global Palette: The Impact of Immigrant Talent on Multinational Product Strategy"

[Draft coming soon]Elevator pitch: We study the role of firms in expanding into foreign markets as a result of their hiring of foreign workers at the headquarters location, using consumer-packaged goods firms.Latest Online Version: SSRN

Ibanez, A.M., S Rozo and D Bahar. "Empowering Migrants: Impacts of a Migrant's Amnesty on Crime Reports"

Elevator pitch: We study local crime reports following a massive migratory amnesty process that provided temporary protected status to nearly 500,000 undocumented Venezuelans in Colombia in 2018. We find an increased in reports of sexual crimes and a reduction in reports of domestic violence. Complemented by anecdotical evidence, we interpret our results as evidence of female empowerment.Latest Online Version: IZA

Bahar, D., B Cowgill, and J Guzman. "Legalizing Entrepreneurship: Evidence from a Formula Instrument Design"

Elevator pitch: After receiving a resident visa, undocumented immigrants in Colombia increased their entrepreneurship rate by a factor of ten.
Latest Online Version: SSRN

Bahar, D., R Choudhury, S Signorelli and J Sappenfield. "Talent Flows and the Geography of Knowledge Production: Causal Evidence from Multinational Firms"

Elevator pitch: We study changes in patterns of global innovation following hundreds of migration reforms across 15 countries. We find that reforms that ease the inflow of foreigners or of returning citizens results in higher cross-border patenting activity for multinational corporations. We also find that these reforms can partly explain the rise in the global share of innovation by developing countries over the past decades.
Latest online version: HBS Working Papers

Bahar, D., R Choudhury, E Miguelez and S Signorelli. "Global Mobile Inventors"

[Draft coming soon]Elevator pitch: We study the growing phenomenon of Global Mobile Inventors (GMIs). GMIs are the most productive type of inventors and they play a crucial role in the development of new technologies in countries where they arrive, we find.

Bahar, D., B Glennon and R Choudhury. "An Executive Order Worth $100 Billion: The Impact of an Immigration Ban's Announcement on Fortune 500 Firms' Valuation

Elevator Pitch: In the aftermath of the announcement of an Executive Order by President Trump on June 2020 restricting H, J and L visas for foreign workers, Fortune 500 companies lost about 0.45% of their valuation, which amounts to over $100 billion. The effect was concentrated on firms that have increased their reliance on H1B visas.Latest online version: NBERMedia and commentary: Forbes, The Independent, Brookings


Bahar, D. 2009. "Aid and Fertility." Harvard CID Working Papers Series, no. 38.

Elevator pitch: I find that foreign aid increases fertility rates among countries, using as an instrumental variable natural disasters occuring in neighboring countries.[HKS working paper]